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Medicom is a Japanese toy and lifestyle brand known for its unique and sought-after Be@rbricks. Be@rbricks are small collectible figures in the shape of bears, which are characterized by their minimalist design and versatility. They consist of several pieces and are made in different sizes and designs. Bearbricks are available as 100% (70mm), 400% (280mm), or 1000% (700mm) figures. Medicom regularly collaborates with renowned brands, artists and designers to produce special editions of Be@rbricks. These limited editions make them highly sought-after collectibles in the toy and streetwear scene.READ MORE
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In addition to Be@rbricks, Medicom also offers a wide range of toys and lifestyle products. The brand is known for its high-quality workmanship and attention to detail. In addition to collectible figures, Medicom's range also includes clothing, accessories, bags and more. Medicom's products are popular among collectors and fans around the world, as they offer a mix of creativity, quality and exclusivity. The brand has managed to establish a strong presence in pop culture and has become a symbol of lifestyle and individuality. Medicom remains a trendsetter in the toy industry and continues to offer its customers innovative and desirable products.